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Advice and help are always needed. In my career I have worked with mainly two types of technical people. Those who ask for advice and help and those who do not ask for advice and help. Asking questions is the first step to getting a problem solved, searching on Google is an excellent strategy, but asking for advice and help on a forum sheds new light on your problem through discussions and advice from experts.

I can honestly say that I did solve many freelance problems through , I did also provide advice and help to a lot of people on I currently rank as Sage, and I was the Linux Expert Of The Year 2008. In return for advice and help to other members, I got free t-shirts and other goodies + a free membership. Having said that, you are probably wondering why you want to get a free or paid membership at if you could ask for advice and help somewhere else.

Experts-Exchange is offering free accounts for experts, and discounts for others . Sign up Now !

Why Choose for advice and help

  • Advice and help for topics of all sorts are found, from security experts to help you with your hacked site, to experts on photography
  • Articles on all topics are found, if you cant find the article you need, you can request it.
  • You do not have to pay for an account, you can get a free account by accumulating 10K points through providing advice and help to other users, which is the equivalent of answering 7 questions. I did answer 660 questions over two years, it is easier than it sounds.
  • As a freelancer will help you with the trickier jobs, I did solve a couple of the tougher tasks by asking for advice and help on and make a good chunk of money doing it.
  • As an outsources at you can try to get things done yourself. The articles and help is available.
  • IBM, Ebay , Sony , Verizon and Toyota are some of customers. You can be one too, and the best part is you can get a free account by answering a few questions online.  as a career tool

  • If you do provide advice and help by answering a few questions a month, you will get a free account. And from there on you will get a rank and titles, from master and upwards. You will get badges and certificates. This will give you recognition amongst peers and look good on CV. A sample of a badge can be seen to the right, a sample of certificates can be seen by clicking -> Sage Shakoush2001.
  • I can not remember how many times people did contact me through my profile after noticing I solved a problem similar to one they are facing. My first freelance job was awarded to me through a referral on
  • I always state my profile on my CV and it always comes up during interviews. I also post my profile in freelance bids and people are always impressed.
advice and help to others landed me the title of top expert of the year 2008

Top expert of the year 2008

Provide advice and help and get a free account on

Signup to choose the categories you are most experienced in, and setup alerts for those categories, each time a new question comes in you get an alert, be quick to answer the questions and you should have your free account in a day or two max. It is really easy if you do have expertise in any of the categories. Look for the small sentence below the paid packages and you will find a free signup link for experts.

So in short, you can get free help and advice, a profile that can be marketed, you can get cool badges, certificates and t-shirts. And most importantly you get bragging rights ! Sign up now, and let us know when you get your first 10k points.

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