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Choose freelancers correctly – Award a project !

So you have posted your job, a lot of bids have flown in and now it is time to actually choose a freelancer to do the job. The problem with online freelancing is that there is a good chance that

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Education and learning, the key to successful freelancing

Education and learning are key in the freelance market. If you have already been through my review, you know by now that quite a few of the more technical tasks are 5 miles wide and 5 inches deep. In other

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Advice and Help ? Experts-Exchange comes to the rescue

Advice and help are always needed. In my career I have worked with mainly two types of technical people. Those who ask for advice and help and those who do not ask for advice and help. Asking questions is the

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IT Freelance Job – 10 Tips to get yours

The first challenge you have as a freelancer is getting your first IT freelance job. This is why I created “Top 10 Tips To Land Your First IT Freelance Job”.  Landing your first job as a freelancer is probably the

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In this article I will review , again I will be posting from my experience in the freelance world. You can refer to my profile here. I will be checking out the different features of Expect to read

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