Review the top In this article I will review , again I will be posting from my experience in the freelance world. You can refer to my profile here. I will be checking out the different features of Expect to read about membership types, different parts of the site, do’s and dont’s. And a follow up guide for freelancers and employers/outsourcers.

Registration is free . Sign up Now ! the top ranking site for freelancers and outsourcers

To start with is currently the biggest freelance site online. boasts a whooping 10 million users, 5 million projects and roughly 20k users online at average. So it should not be that hard to make money on given that there is 1 project for every second user online, and it is not that hard to find someone to do the work for on you based on your specs if you can outsource your project to 10 million users. Of course the numbers here can be debated, given that not all users are active and out of the 10 million there is a percentage that is only there to freelance and another part that is only there to outsource. Categories does have main categories which are then divided into subcategories. I will list the top categories and the main subcategories. If you want to check it out ourself visit and then Browse Categories from the main menu.

  • Websites, IT & Software : PHP, MySQL, WordPress, SEO,  Joomla and Linux
  • Mobile Phones & Computing :  Android, Iphone, Ipad and Mobile Phones
  • Writing & Content : Academic Writing, Article Writing, Copy Writing
  • Design, Media & Architecture : Animation, Illustration, Flash, Logo Design, Photoshop Design
  • Data Entry & Admin : Article Submission, Data processing, Web Search and Virtual Assistant
  • Engineering & Science : CAD/CAM, Mathematics and PCB Layout
  • Product Sourcing & Manufacturing : Manufacturing , Product Design  and Supplier Sourcing
  • Sales & Marketing : Internet Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal : Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Quickbook&Quickens and Business Analysis
  • Translation & Languages : English (UK), English (US) and Spanish
  • Local Jobs & Trades : This is more or less a fluke on‘s part, they are better of removing this category.
  • Others : Anything goes Project Types

In short, you can simply go to, sign up and post a project. You can pay by the hour “  just announced a desktop app to monitor hours, more on that later ;)” or pay by project. Any budget goes, but beware of too high a budget or too low. Stay tuned for some tips. I will have some articles ready on that. The prices apply only if you do have a free membership, if you are a paying user you can get them all of free depending on your membership type. The different project types you can choose after setting pay per hour or pay per project are :

  • Featured : Cost $29, this will list your project in the featured projects listing. Freelancers : This means that the employer is serious and does not mind cashing out a bit more to get the right person. Employers : This will tell the Freelancers that you want someone with the skills and attitude needed. Depending on the project, this is worth paying for sometimes.
  • Urgent : Cost $9 . This will get you an Urgent logo, and it gets more XP points for freelancers who do bid. So you will get more bids faster. However, I don’t think it is worth it, Freelancers will bid on your project no matter what, if they believe they can do the job for you.
  • Private : Cost $19. Buy this if you want to hide your project from search engines. See the NDA type below as well if you are concerned about the privacy of your project listing.
  • Sealed : Cost up $9, this will hide the bids from freelancers. Normally freelancers will see what others are bidding and then bid in the same range. So if the bidding started with a few high bids, you will probably get bids in the same range from the more serious freelancers. If bids start out low, you will probably get low bids. In order to ensure more accurate bids set the project to sealed. This way each freelancer will think twice about what price to set. I recommend this upgrade.
  • Fulltime : Cost $199, charged if project is $5k and up. Not really recommended, as it is only an additional logo stating that you want somebody fulltime.
  • Assisted : Cost $20 , if you don’t want to be bothered with all this detail, the project management team will help you out with all of these details. I will keep it to you to decide whether it is worth it or not.
  • NDA : Cost $20, all freelancers have to sign a NDA before bidding on the project. Similarly to Private this is recommended if you want to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your project. Membership Plans

You can start out on completely free, no need to pay a thing. However, if you do actually start bidding on a lot of projects or post a lot of work online it definitely is worth getting a membership as it can safe you a lot of money. A quick example : You make USD 1000 a month at with the free membership and you pay 10% which is $100. If you have a Standard Membership you pay %5 which is $50 and the membership Fee of $25. So you save USD25. So the Standard Membership is definitely worth it for USD1000. Otherwise there are other perks listed below :

  • Free Membership : This is all you need to get started. Sign up and start making money, or outsource your work. The cost is higher at %10 project fees for freelancers and 3% for employers and freelancers are limited to 10 bids per month.
  • Basic Membership : Cost $4.95. Freelancers still pay 10% but get 50 bids per month and express withdrawals for their income. Employers still pay 3% but get free priority projects and free design studio
  • Plus Membership : Cost $9.95. Freelancers still pay 10% but get 100 bids per month in addition to previous perks. Employers still pay 3% but get free sealed projects.
  • Standard Membership :  Cost $24.05. This is the membership I personally use. Freelancers only pay 5% in projects fees and get 150 bids per month which is more than enough, given that you can now earn points which give you free extra bids. Employers dont pay any more fees at all and everything apart from NDA projects is free.
  • Premium Membership :  Cost $49.95. This is more for companies that provide freelancers and do outsourcing jobs as it only makes sense to get this membership if you need the high number of bids  of 500. For employers the only additional perk is free NDA projects. Points and Rewards does have a points and rewards system that does rank members and which can be traded in for perks. I will have an article on how these rewards work and how they help freelancers to land more jobs.

This was a general overview and review for Stay tuned for remaining parts of this review :

  • Review For Freelancers
  • Review for Employers/Outsources

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5 comments on “ Review
  1. Alexander says: – the biggest scam!

    Very serious and responsible I work 120%. On since 2008, but employers were allways happy and my ratings is still 5.0.

    Since the site passed into the Australian hands, the strongly degraded. A lot of things changed: the number of projects increased, new functions were added, greed of the grew many times, scam scale increased.

    The administration isn’t capable to control monetary operations. They have no tools for this purpose. It is ok for the site, if after a good review and released payment, reversalt he transaction depriving you earned money. You do not even notified about it. They quietly remove the money from your account. I will say more. can reversal the transaction after the money is withdrawed and keep your balance in a deep minus , and then they demand from you to put the money back on your frelancer account. As a result the will remove from you 110% (10% fees, which were removed at the beginning of a project + 100% of your earned money that were returned to the employer). Sounds absurd? Today it is quite so on the site. To all claims they answer in the manner „We can do nothing. A chargeback has been filed on the employer‘s payment provider. We only take fees. We would recommend that you contact the employer directly and ask to pay again.“

    All of these milestones – complete nonsense! An employer can post a project, create a milestone, get the project done, release the money and after get all money back. promotes scam. What milestones for? To give the appearance of reliability? After a project is done, you won‘t see the money anyway. In addition, you pay 10% fees. Cool!

    Today the is not the guarantor of honest execution of deal. It is just a message board with the job offers, where you take all risks upon yourself. only can guarantee that you will pay them all fees for the opportunity to be deceived!

    It is a pity to lose rating and reviews, but it is even more a pity for the nerves. There are alternatives and it is time to leave You are sure it is no concern of you? Just type in google „ scam reversal“.

  2. alinux says:

    Hi Alexander, I did post your comment although I never faced any issues myself with in all the years I was a member and I always got my money and that was a lot of money. Can you please post your Freelancer profile to add credit to your input ?

  3. Brian Jones says:

    Your review is only a few weeks old but Freelancer never stand still. You indicated ther Premium Membership is $49.99 – sadly that s no longer the case. They have put it up to $199.00 as they feel they are too cheap. They believe that as they are the No! site then users should pay a proemium for using them. They are giving you 1500 bids a month now an allowing you to increase your skills to 400, but who has the time to place 1500 bids? There next trick will be to increase the standard membership as they will say there is too big a gap in costs. They are just trading on the fact that those who have worked hard to build up a reputatuion on the site can’t afford to do it again on another site and will just keep paying. You wouldn’t mind paying if they actually did something other than take a monthly membership fee and a project fee up to 10% on top, but whenever you have a problem with anything they just say they are a ‘platform’ and ‘we don’t get involved’………

    • alinux says:

      I think the premium membership is for companies that actually have employees bidding on everything that moves. For a regular pro, a standard membership is still OK: I do agree though that a standard membership does not have a lot of perks apart from reducing the project rates. What pisses me of most is that they actually send over emails for freelancers to buy their Tshirts instead of handing them out for free like does. I do have 16700 gold credits at Level 20, it would be nice to be able to trade those for monthly memberships or at least premium listings like before. Right now I can only trade those credits in for bids, why would I need more bids, at my current bid renewal rate and the bids I get with membership I get more than enough bids. HOWEVER, having said that, is still the platform to make the most money on, I have been freelancing for 8 years with solid profiles on elance odesk and freelancer. And is the one platform that drives in the most money and work for me. And I have tried moving away due to the ranking system that is biased towards the employer. But, the work flow and money flow keeps bringing me back to there is just too much money to be made.

  4. Chris says:

    I took their basic numeracy skills test so I could add something else to my profile to show to prospective clients. Their tests – or at least the ones I looked at – cost $5.00 plus a processing fee of around $0.42. Here’s an actual question exactly as it appeared on the test I took:
    “John eat 2 pieces of apples a day. Now, is Thursday, but he remembered the his apples left after eating apples during Monday are 30 pieces after that, he gave the half of all his apples to her daughter. How many apples left, if today is Friday after eating the two pieces of apples?”

    At least three other questions on the test had issues, such as multiple correct answers or no correct answer. Needless to say, this is completely unprofessional, especially considering these are paid tests. How can I showcase my skills to prospective clients with a test like this? After the test was completed, there was an option to add more questions to the test. It looks like they don’t even verify new questions for accuracy.

    I contacted customer support and 4 days later I was told they do not refund the exam fees. Instead, they offered to let me take another exam for free and they offered me one free month of the lowest paid membership option. First, there’s no way I’m ever taking another exam for that site, free or not. Second, because of the exam that I did take I was already eligible for one free month of a higher-level paid membership, so offering me the lowest one is completely pointless.

    Based on this experience and the countless other reviews I’ve read about this site, I just decided to cut my losses and run. I advise you all to avoid this shady site.

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