A Freelancer guide to making money and outsourcing online

I did create this blog to act as a Freelancer guide to making money and outsourcing online, to help employers and freelancers to find their way through the various freelance services and challenges. I have started out as a freelancer 8 years ago to make money online and I did outsource quite some of the work I am not proficient in and I have come a long way since.  You can expect to get a lot of content over the next few days. Just to list a few topics that will be covered :


Reputation and Ranking make or break a Freelancer

A 5 star rating and a 100 ratings. How to make money in freelance sites. How to outsource your work at low costs to competent professionals

Before I start blogging, I would like to tell you a few things about myself. My freelance handle is shakoush2001, I am a technical wizard of all sorts, I am an open source advocate and I hold various technical certificates “CISSP CEH RHCE PMP ITIL VCP” just to name a few.

I have been a freelancer for 8 years,  I have made quite a chunk of money and reputation in the online world, I did make a few bucks on some projects and 20K on others.

I am the top ranking experts-exchange.com Linux expert of the year 2008.

I do have clients from all over the world. But again, anyone can claim that, so lets get down to a few facts. To the left you can see my reputation and the number of reviews. 5.0/5 on a 101 reviews. That means as a freelancer you have to do the job right each and every time to keep getting good jobs. More on how to do that in the articles.


Being a top ranked freelancer got me a lot of work

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Increase your ranking get more jobs. How to make money in freelance sites. How to outsource your work at low costs to competent professional freelancers.

I currently rank as 1189 out of 10,123,573 at Freelancer.com which puts me in the top 0.01% of all Freelancers  on that site. My expertise level is 20 which is the top level and this means I did get the maximum number expert points as freelancer.com actually does hand out. So I can claim that I do know what I am talking about :).You can verify the above by visiting my profile by clicking here.Please do let me know your comments and if you land a great freelancer or make a dime or two as a result of reading my articles.



If you would like to hire me please do contact me directly or by use the hire me button on my Freelancer.com profile page.


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