Choose freelancers correctly – Award a project !

Choose freelancer help and advice on setting deadline money and interviewing freelancers

So you have posted your job, a lot of bids have flown in and now it is time to actually choose a freelancer to do the job. The problem with online freelancing is that there is a good chance that you might end up with someone who will waste your time and money. For every 3 good freelancers there are double that number who are in for a quick buck and do not care about maintaining their reputation. I hope the tips below will be useful advice. You can use these tips to help you to choose freelancers for your next project.

Help to choose freelancers correctly

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Education and learning, the key to successful freelancing

education and learning are key to freelance and make money onlineEducation and learning are key in the freelance market. If you have already been through my review, you know by now that quite a few of the more technical tasks are 5 miles wide and 5 inches deep. In other words, there is a quite a set of unique skills you need to posses in order to master those tasks. The rewards to doing complex freelance projects are great in terms of money, skills and return customers. But how do you build up your skills ?

Education and learning – Dont fall behind, get yourself marketed.

On my path to education and learning I did pass acquire 9 professional certificates, with PMP and CISSP being two of the more prominent ones, and believe you me the certificates are great marketing tools.  I also use Udemy whenever  I need to acquire more skills, sometimes it is to do a job, sometimes it is to be able to manage a job properly when outsourcing it. Udemy even shells out certificates ! So that is more marketing material for the freelancer right there.

With free courses online, there are no excuses !

The guys at Udemy are great, they do have free courses, and they do have 90% promotions from time to time. Imagine getting a Photoshop, or Cooking course for $3. Right now they do have a %30 of if you do use the coupon forthelove30 over the next 4 days.

Some of the categories that caught my eyes are below, but the folks at Udemy cover almost everything :

  • IT related : Mobile Development, Web Design, PHP Coding
  • Marketing : Email marketing, Google Analytics
  • Freelance courses
  • Cooking courses
  • Social Sciences
  • Languages : Spanish, English, Danish just name it.

Education and learning for free, visit Udemy.

OK, so lets recap. Freelancers and outsources need education and skills in order to be able to both implement and manage the freelance work. Given the nature of the freelance work and it’s fast changing nature education and learning are a must. Just use Udemy or any other similar site to get the education you need . I doubt there was ever a dime was spent on good education and was lost in vain. Udemy actually let you learn for FREE.

No more excuses, either get to freelancing or learning something new !


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Outsourcing online : Why, When, and How to get help

outsourcing-onlineOutsourcing online has many benefits for entrepreneurs, SMBs and startups. Scarcity of time, know-how and money are the main driving factors behind outsourcing. However, it is not all bloomy, outsourcing does introduce a whole new set of challenges that need to be met. In this post I will discuss some of Dos and Donts of outsourcing, apart from shedding light on the Why, when and how to get help


Outsourcing online : The Why !

The reasons are countless, it might be anything from being short on cash, time, know-how and other resources. Outsourcing does provide an easy way of into tapping into a pool of unlimited human resources. You could get anything outsourced online from writing articles, web design to having a virtual assistant. The main benefits are listed below Read more ›

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Advice and Help ? Experts-Exchange comes to the rescue

advice and help when needed most

Courtesy of RedSource Interactive, LLC.

Advice and help are always needed. In my career I have worked with mainly two types of technical people. Those who ask for advice and help and those who do not ask for advice and help. Asking questions is the first step to getting a problem solved, searching on Google is an excellent strategy, but asking for advice and help on a forum sheds new light on your problem through discussions and advice from experts.

I can honestly say that I did solve many freelance problems through , I did also provide advice and help to a lot of people on I currently rank as Sage, and I was the Linux Expert Of The Year 2008. In return for advice and help to other members, I got free t-shirts and other goodies + a free membership. Having said that, you are probably wondering why you want to get a free or paid membership at if you could ask for advice and help somewhere else.

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Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

You do not have enough time to do it yourself, you are short on budget or it is a a one time gig. All you need to outsource online is go to create a free account and post your job. Posting your job is the first step to outsource online and a the most critical one for that matter. Please see my “Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers” to make it easier for you not to make mistakes that will cost you time, nerves and money. The tips will make it easier for you to post your project correctly and weed out all the bidding bots. Read more ›

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IT Freelance Job – 10 Tips to get yours

Top 10 tips for freelancers

Start Making Money Now

The first challenge you have as a freelancer is getting your first IT freelance job. This is why I created “Top 10 Tips To Land Your First IT Freelance Job”.  Landing your first job as a freelancer is probably the most important and most exciting step in your freelance journey.  It is a unique feeling, knowing that you can actually make money online using your know-how and expertise. Whether it be web design or proof reading. But given that there are already so many fish in the pool, how can you as a fresher land your first IT freelancer job ? It definitely is a challenge, even if you have game, you still have to convince the employer to give you a chance to prove yourself.  Have no worries, it is actually easier than you think to get your first freelancer job. The tips work on any of the major freelance sites, but lets assume you did register a free account at and now you want to get a job and start making money. Read more ›

Posted in Freelancers Tagged with: , , , , , , , , , , , , Review the top In this article I will review , again I will be posting from my experience in the freelance world. You can refer to my profile here. I will be checking out the different features of Expect to read about membership types, different parts of the site, do’s and dont’s. And a follow up guide for freelancers and employers/outsourcers. Read more ›

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A Freelancer guide to making money and outsourcing online

I did create this blog to act as a Freelancer guide to making money and outsourcing online, to help employers and freelancers to find their way through the various freelance services and challenges. I have started out as a freelancer 8 years ago to make money online and I did outsource quite some of the work I am not proficient in and I have come a long way since.  You can expect to get a lot of content over the next few days. Read more ›

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