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Choose freelancers correctly – Award a project !

So you have posted your job, a lot of bids have flown in and now it is time to actually choose a freelancer to do the job. The problem with online freelancing is that there is a good chance that

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Outsourcing online : Why, When, and How to get help

Outsourcing online has many benefits for entrepreneurs, SMBs and startups. Scarcity of time, know-how and money are the main driving factors behind outsourcing. However, it is not all bloomy, outsourcing does introduce a whole new set of challenges that need

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Advice and Help ? Experts-Exchange comes to the rescue

Advice and help are always needed. In my career I have worked with mainly two types of technical people. Those who ask for advice and help and those who do not ask for advice and help. Asking questions is the

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Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

You do not have enough time to do it yourself, you are short on budget or it is a a one time gig. All you need to outsource online is go to create a free account and post your

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