Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

You do not have enough time to do it yourself, you are short on budget or it is a a one time gig. All you need to outsource online is go to create a free account and post your job. Posting your job is the first step to outsource online and a the most critical one for that matter. Please see my “Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers” to make it easier for you not to make mistakes that will cost you time, nerves and money. The tips will make it easier for you to post your project correctly and weed out all the bidding bots.


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Top 10 tips to outsource online to freelancers

Tip 1 : Choose the correct project type

When you decide to outsource online you have the choice of at least two project types, a fixed price type and  a hourly job type. You have to think about what you really need, do you need a job done for one time such as getting an article written or a logo designed, or are you looking for someone to work by the hour based on your needs, for example : submitting articles or a virtual assistant.

Tip 2 : Set a reasonable budget

The second hint to outsource online is to think about your budget, if you set the budget too high you will probably get unreasonable bids. If you set it too low you get low quality bids, most freelancers are proficient enough to know that the job at hand will take too much time for the low price will not bid on the job. Try to search for similar jobs on the freelance site you are subscribed to and that should get you a good overview of the current average rates.

Tip 3 : It is all about the project description

The third hint to outsource online is to set up a detailed project description, describe exactly what you need, do not leave out anything, and do not add unnecessary details.  Make the wording clear and precise. Do NOT add sentence such as more will be discussed later, as this can become a major source of  delay, misunderstanding with the freelancer and even disputes.

Tip 4 : Upgrade your project

When you decide to outsource online you will notice that most freelance sites allow you to upgrade your project for free or a few bucks. There are a lot of benefits if you do that, your project can be highlighted, marked as urgent or hidden from search engines. To see a complete listing for check out this article.

Tip 5 : Enter a trick phrase

One trick to weed out bidding bots “both human and digital” and to make sure freelancers actually do read your job listing before bidding, is to add a phrase such as “Type I READ IT in your bid”, this way you will know who actually read your description and who not.

Tip 6 : Choose the correct categories

Choosing the correct categories is critical when you do outsource online , you want your project to be exposed to the correct audience, there are hundreds of categories, do not choose the categories that are a close match, do ONLY choose the categories that are an exact match for your needs. If you choose wrong categories you will either get bids from freelancers who have the wrong expertise, or you want get any bids at all. Which is all a waste of time, no matter how good your bid is.

Tip 7 : Enforce the need for exams like other freelance sites, gives freelancers an option to take exams. You can enforce that bidders on your project have passed the exams which are relevant to the expertise needed to get your job done. This way you will know that the people who are bidding do have the necessary skill set and you can focus on other aspects of choosing a freelancer such as price, no of reviews ..etc.

Tip 8 : Do not ask for unreasonable input

Some employers will ask bidders to submit a complete list of how they are going to approach the project in detail, I have NEVER in my 8 years of freelancing bid on such a job. It is too fishy, it looks as if the employer is looking for a free consultation.  So please, do not ask for unreasonable input when you want to outsource online, if you need a consultation setup a job that simply says “I need a video conference for 2 hours on subject matter XYZ”

Tip 9 : Hire directly

You can skip a lot of headache if you simply search through the freelancer site and find the freelancer you consider to be a good match, check his profile and click the hire me button. As an example see my hireme button here.

Tip 10 : Ask for work samples

If you are looking for an out of the norm or not so common task, it is always a good idea to ask for work samples, or a quick overview on how the freelancer is going to do the job. If you are asking for a logo design or an article to be written be careful with asking for work samples. You will get flooded with samples, in  this case it is better to check the portfolios of the freelancers.

Bonus Tip  : Ask for a detailed time line

Your main goals when you outsource online is to get your work done at an appropriate price and on time. Ask for a clear specification on when the job is going to be delivered. Make it very clear that the job will be voided if the final product is not delivered on time. A lot of freelancers bit of more than they can chew and some others are a bit more relaxed with deadlines, make it clear you are serious about the deadline.

In conclusion, I do hope you enjoyed these 10 hints and you will report back which of the hints was most beneficial for you. If you have any comments or additional hints you would like to share, please comment below. 

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